magical school assembly presentation by Mont Dutson

This new for 2007 school assembly presentation will have your students rocking with laughter, giggles and smiles. This educational presentation involves showing students how to feel good about themselves and how to help others feel good about themselves, too.

Imagine teaching your students:

1.We are all different inside and outside
2.It is important to never give up
3.We can do more when we work together
4.It is good to ask adults for help

This fun-packed magical assembly lasts 40 minutes and uses many magic effects to help the students learn while laughing! (Remember the spoonful of sugar?) The magic helps the learning go down. Guaranteed.

All of the magical effects presented tie into the key points of the assembly.

"You don't know how much this assembly topic meant to our school. Not just the students but the teachers as well." - P. McBride, Mtn. Shadows Elementary School

Your teachers will be presented with a "Teachers' Discussion Guide". This guide for pre- and post-presentation discussions is a great way to reinforce the key points of the presentations (teachers have acclaimed the guide as the best they have seen!). It has
15 - 20 questions (and answers) about the magic and what it represented.


Beethoven the Baffling Bunny (a real LIVE cute white bunny with pink eyes) will appear at the end of the show and conduct a summary review of the key points. You'll be amazed at how well the students learn the key concepts. All with the help of Beethoven. (and much to the Principal's relief, I take Beethoven home with me after the presentation!)

My school assembly season usually books up fairly early-Especially October for Red Ribbon Month.

CALL NOW 801-253-3595 or toll-free  1-888-273-3670 to see if your date is available.

Show materials also include posters to help generate excitement for your next exciting school assembly for "YES I CAN!"

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