"The Reading Rocket" motivational assembly

"Helping You Create Magical Moments Remembered Forever!"

M MAGIC LLC presents
Here is some information on the reading motivational assembly I perform in the Utah area.  I hope it will give you a good idea of what I can do to help you inspire your students to develop their reading skills.  We all know how critically important reading is to success in life.


My name is Mont Dutson and I present school assembly programs that help young children to get excited about reading. I use magical effects to drive home key points that remain and stimulate the students long after the fun-filled magical assembly is over.


The "READING ROCKET MAGIC ASSEMBLY" is a 40-minute presentation that shows children the fun and magic of reading; how magic can take you anywhere in the world and even into outer space; and then uses books from their own library to show how to learn magic.  The program also helps students realize how important reading for success in later life. The presentation illustrates by Magic, and in a Non-Preaching way, that reading is a lot of fun.

Encourages Students to Enjoy Reading

"Mont Magic came to our school to present a Magic Show to go with our Reading is FUNdamental book distribution... I especially liked the way he incorporated reading in with the magic  He talked about magic carpets and how reading is a magic carpet that can take us anywhere we want to go.  We had magic books from our own school library, which he introduced.  They have been a very popular item in the last few weeks.

"He involved the children in the show and had some great tricks. We all enjoyed it. It was very appropriate for young children."
-Mrs. Linda Dewyea, teacher
Cottonwood Heights Elementary
Salt Lake City, Utah

The READING ROCKET ASSEMBLY is Based on Experience

Most of the material used in this program comes from my 37+years of experience as a professional children's assembly presenter.  The Magic routines are filled with Comedy, Audience Participation, and important reading messages. I involve children through questions and answers, letting them see things that I don't and making me aware of it, much to their delight. These routines are carefully crafted to let them feel important (knowing answers) and empowering them to interact with adults (they see things I don't). It helps them feel good about themselves.

The entire spresentation revolves around the idea that Mont Dutson would love to help each child to develop the desire to read, read, read. Sounds great, doesn't it?  Well, in the assembly, the Magic Words " I'm a Rocket Reader" are magically introduced, and the key themes developed until finally at the end  Mont Dutson's side-kick, Beethoven the Baffling Bunny magically appears to the delight of the students. Mont actually points out that Beethoven can't read and have as much fun as they can. (Does that make Beethoven a dumb bunny?)

This 'READING ROCKET MAGIC ASSEMBLY" is well received and is attractive to schools and libraries because of its simple effectiveness and reasonable pricing.

Other Themed aSSEMBLIES Available

ALSO: this is only an example of one of my message assemblies. I have others to choose from on topics of self-esteem, drug-free, math, and one dealing with anti-bullying). I can also develop a customized show with your needs in mind.

Positively Impacts Your Students

"Thank you so very much for making time to come and perform for the after school children involved in the SchoolZOut program. Your marvelous magic show was absolutely wonderful. The 130 children that you entertained for a solid 45 minutes were thoroughly involved in your presentation.

We will definitely want to have you come back and dazzle our students next year. Thanks again for the positive impact that you are making on the lives of many children in our community. You have a wonderful gift; Please continue to use it to inspire our youth to dream."
-Natalie Cloud, Director, SchoolZOut Program
  Ft. Madison Community School District

Remember, as a good friend of mine, Ron Conley says:


Mont Dutson the MAssembly Presenter cares

Call Now:  801-253-3595
email:  montd84@comcast.net
fax: 801-254-3497

PS: Please call now for more information that will help you present a school program creating Magical Moments Remembered Forever.  I am limited to the number of assembliess I can fit in my schedule at this time. The Spring & Fall months are especially busy.  Call now to see if your date is available.

PPS: I am so sure that you will be satisfied with my show that I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not delighted with the information and amazing results of my show, I will NOT take any fee, AND I will DONATE $50 to your school PTA for having taken up your time. (No one has EVER asked for this! I guess it's a good indication that the assembly will be a big succes).

PPPS: My  fee is even more reasonable if schools in the same area can book on the same day. They reduce the effective price for each school. Please call now and see if this can work for you. 

(A few very old testimonials to prove it)

"Mont, Thanks again for a tremendous presentation! I had several teachers comment on how well you incorporated reading into your show. Thanks,"
- Julie, teacher at South Park Elementary School, MO April 1984

"Dear Mr. Dutson, Your performance here at Parkade School was a memorable event during our Reading Is Important Week! My fourth graders have been excited about your show ever since. Several of them have been wanting "magic" books and have read more than I have seen them do all year. Thank you for coming to help us emphasize the importance of reading in your very magical manner. We hope to see you again."
-D. Lanney, Parkade School, MO March 29, 1984

"To whom it may concern, Mr. Mont Dutson of...Moberly, Missouri performed a magic show for our school on March 26, 1984, as part of the festivities planned for READING IS IMPORTANT WEEK. It was requested that his presentation last approximately 45 minutes and the he highlight the part reading plays in learning and performing magic.

Mr. Dutson met both objectives. His presentation was expertly prepared and very polished. The student body and staff enjoyed it tremendously. He was very flexible to work with in the planning stages and was eager to meet our requests.

Parkade School has approximately 600 students. Mr. Dutson was in complete control during the entire presentation and had the students responding to his every wish.

I highly recommend Mr. Mont Dtuson as a professional entertainer. Sincerely,"
-S. Demming, Principal, Parkade Elementary School, Columbia, MO


"I would be happy to comment about your magic show.  At recess, I asked the kindergarten class what they thought about your show and they loved it.  They laughed throughout the whole show and seemed to really enjoy themselves.  The bunny stole the show and they will talk about it for a long time.  Thank you for coming and providing a fun-filled hour." --
- Danielle
(Uintah Elementary parent)