TO: Schools Wanting High Quality, Affordable, Educational & Entertaining  
                                                  Programs For Their School

FROM:Mont Dutson, The Educational Assembly Entertainer

Dear Friend:

It’s difficult to find professional, curriculum-based assembly programs that fit into your budget, isn’t it?

Top-notch assembly programs usually cost $400 or more - a price that many Utah area schools simply can’t afford.

To make the problem worse, time constraints often don’t allow for programs that are merely entertaining. You need to bring in programs that are...

Entertaining and Educational

Finding an affordable program that meets these criteria is almost an impossible task.


I can help. My name is Mont Dutson. I have worked with schools in Missouri, Iowa, and Utah to bring them the most beneficial school assembly programs for years.

Here is one of my newest shows:

“STOP, LOOK & LISTEN!” - My newest magical topical program teaches students a proven approach to avoiding accident situations in school, on the playground, at home, or any activity they might be involved in.

This is a program that was created to respond to the needs of young students to have an easy way to remember to look for accidents potential before starting an activity: easy to remember, easy to do!

                                      S- STOP

"Mont-Thanks for coming to Centerville Elementary! The kids not only enjoyed the safety
    assembly but  were able to learn the importance of the message as well. We look forward to
    having you back."
- C. Brown, Centerville PTA


                        •Unsafe acts can harm us-we need to work together to stay safe
           Use S.T.O.P. rules to make play and activities safer
                        •Expect the unexpected
                        •Obey bike safety-helmet, inspection, rules of road
                        •Obey crosswalk safety: Stop-look-listen, stop lights
                        •Use internet wisely-you don’t REALLY know who you’re talking to.

We use magic effects to show how you can prevent accidents and injuries just by taking the time to S.T.O.P.
STOP---Stop before doing any activity. Don't just leap into it.
THINK--Think about all the activities and actions taking place where you will be playing.
OBSERVE--Observe any dangerous things that could injure you and take action to avoid them.
PROCEED---Proceed to play once you have seen all the ways you can get hurt and how to avoid them.

The bottom line is if students think before doing, many accidents and injuries can be PREVENTED at home or at school. This program was created at the special request of one of the area elementary schools.

Presentation can be adapted to different age levels for split assemblies, or can be presented K-6 and be fun and effective for all.

Here’s What You Need To Know About ALL Of My Programs…

         The lessons are presented in fun ways that the kids can relate to and participate in. The programs
          incorporate all of these different features:

The children are in control for the entire program.

CLEAN humor keeps kids laughing with absolutely NO off-color or
               inappropriate material!

“FAST Set-Up” show makes sure the program doesn’t disrupt 
               your day

Professional, clean-cut presenter with over 34 years of professional experience

Teachers’ “CLASSROOM DISCUSSION GUIDE” (acclaimed by teachers that it is the best  
          assembly supporting material they have ever seen). Each show has its own discussion guide.

4 Customized Posters for every program to get students excited

A special handout card for all students-It is a "magic Illusion" card that causes the word 
           STOP to appear floating in the air before their very eyes! They will not throw it away, and
           the key points of STOP are printed on the card.

Ultra-easy for you: we need NO sound equipment…we bring it all!

Flexible, easy programs can be presented virtually whenever and wherever  you like.

       Loads of audience participation!-Many students get to help with some of the   
          magical effects.

       Plus A LOT more!

What Kind Of Magic Do You Use To Illustrate Your Concepts?

Although each program is different, here are some effects you may see:

Plenty of VISUAL magic EVERYONE can see!
A giant 10-foot long soda straw is pulled from an empty “McDonald’s” sack!
A flower bouquet that blooms for everyone except the magician!
Music and TONS of join-in fun keep these high-energy programs moving!
A special appearance of Beethoven the STOP Bunny!! Beethoven helps with a summary of all the 
        things learned in the assembly.
        If the students answer correctly, Beethoven does his famous "here's what can happen if you don't
        S.T.O.P. trick!"
And a LOT more!

Warning: Do NOT Bring In Any Educator That Does Not Meet
The Following Three Criteria:

                  The sad fact is that there are many assembly programs that aren’t very good. They’re a waste of your time, your children’s time, and your teachers’ time. I thought it’d be helpful if I presented a few criteria that’ll help you choose assembly programs that would be worth your while.

1.     Only bring in a presenter who is a full time professional and actually makes a living as an 
       assembly presenter.

As I mentioned, I have been a professional entertainer and speaker for over thirty years. Many of the people doing assembly programs are part-timers or amateurs just trying to make some extra money.

2.     Only bring in a presenter who has testimonials from other elementary schools and larger
       children’s programs.

           Anyone can come up with two or three testimonials. You want to make sure they have an abundance of testimonials. Some people will try to deceive you with testimonials from birthday parties and other small events. Don’t fall for it! You want to make sure the person you’re hiring is an expert at assembly programs and other large events.

3.Do NOT bring in any program that doesn’t offer you a complete money-back guarantee.

This is the “ultimate test” of whether someone has a strong conviction about what they’re offering or if they’re just full of hot air. If a performer really believes in the quality of their program, they shouldn’t hesitate to guarantee it.

Speaking of guarantee, here’s my exclusive:

Better  Than Money - Back Guarantee

My guarantee is simple and straightforward. If you’re not completely satisfied that my program entertained the children and taught them important life-lessons, you get 100% of your money back PLUS I WILL DONATE $50.00 TO YOUR PTA  just for wasting your time. NO OTHER presenter is that confident in their skills.

That’s right. You get the complete fee refunded PLUS $50.00 dollars!

I can’t be fairer than that, can I? There’s no risk for your school whatsoever. But here’s the truth:

Out of the hundreds of programs I’ve done (over the last 34 years), no one has ever requested their money back! The point is, you will be thrilled with the program - guaranteed.

Here Are The Important Details You’ve Been Waiting For!

Each program is 40-45 minutes long. I’ve created two versions of each program, one appropriate for grades K-2 or K-3, and the other geared for grades 3-5 or 4-6.

For maximum effectiveness, it’s best to separate the grade levels and have no more than 400 people per assembly.
But I Have Big Savings For You!

If you call to schedule a program for anytime during the ’09 school year (spring or fall) AND MENTION THIS WEBSITE DISCOUNT, you can get $25.00 off of each show!

Obviously, my schedule for the year will fill up quickly once everyone hears about this. Keep in mind it’s going to all the public and private elementary schools in Utah, Salt Lake, Weber and surrounding counties.

It’s Simple To Bring This Program To Your School...

To make sure you get the date and time you want while saving money, I urge you to pick up the phone and call me now:  at (801) 253-3595,  or toll-free at (888) 273-3670

Do it NOW. Please call me right away so you don’t miss this opportunity.


Mont Dutson, The Educational Assembly Entertainer

P.S. Remember to call to book your assembly program for anytime, MENTION THIS DISCOUNT and save an additional $50.00 off two back-to-back assemblies.

P.P.S: Don’t forget to ask about my other programs, such as my Fundraising program…which costs the school  NOTHING!
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General Safety Elementary School Assembly Presentation:

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