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Mont Dutson is the area’s expert professional library program presenter
He is always early, never late! Always calls a couple of days before
the presentation to reassure you all is ready as planned! And every magic
effect in the presentation supports and reinforces the program theme.
No other presenter provides such professionalism, relevant program materials and
presentation themes
(over 24 specific programs designed for the library-
NO one else provides as much as Mont Magic!)  

"Mont Magic’s “ALIENS CAN’T READ!" - Out of this world magic presentation for the libraries will help families understand how important books and reading are for fun and education.
What do YOU think aliens would find if they came to Earth? Would they know how to READ? Would they know what a BOOK is? Would they know what a LIBRARY is? Would they come in a FLYING SAUCER? Would they be able to FLOAT a member of the audience? Mont Magic looks at reading through the eyes of visitors from outer space. FREE magic tricks for the children!

20XX EARTH DAY & Nov. 15 Recycle Day CELEBRATIONS:
TRASHBUSTERS!  Mont “Magic” Dutson (area’s expert magical entertainer and “Favorite Family Entertainer 2011”-Utah Family Magazine, presents a magical look at the new 3 R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. We use magic to encourage folks to look for ways to reduce the trash we create, and motivate them to see how some things can be recycled. Magical fun, including the Amazing Big Green Machine (Trash Recycler!) FREE magic tricks for all children!


"Mont “Magic” Dutson is making WAVES again!! Yes, Mont Magic, the Intermountain area’s Expert Library Presenter has developed a new Library Magical Presentation for the Library that is in tune with the 2010 library theme of SPLASH. Mont Magic’s new magical presentation involves lots of audience participation & lots of magic with things that go splash in the day! Imagine a small beach ball floating in the sea breeze!
Learn a lot about water, beaches, sea animals, and even some
consideration for conserving our water resources.
So, TURN ON the magic faucet, and have Mont Magic’s “Make a Splash---Dive Into Reading” magical presentation come to your library this summer.Entertaining, Educational Magical Fun for All Ages.
Free magic tricks for all the children in attendance.

“MONT MAGIC’s SEUSS!  The Dr. is In!”: Mont “Magic” Dutson uses magic to generate interest in Dr. Seuss books.March celebrates the birthday of Dr. Seuss. Let Mont Magic use MAGIC to remind us of several Dr. Seuss favorites using magic based on Dr.Seuss books and also gives insight into the wonderful author himself. FREE magic tricks for the children!

“Mont Magic’s Awesome Teeth and Good Things to Eat!”
February and March are National Nutrition and Dental health months. In this magical presentation Mont “Magic” Dutson teaches children the importance of dental and physical health and how to properly do it. 2 Free coloring posters for all the children: “Good Dental Health, and Healthy Snacks food pyramid”!

                            “Be Creative at the Library with Mont Magic!” – The area’s expert family entertainer presents a unique magic show where all the patrons of the library get to help create their own magic show. Simply put, Mont Magic provides a poster with a “magic menu” to choose from. In the weeks leading up to the presentation, patrons mark on the poster the tricks they want to see! A few days before the presentation, Mont Magic contacts the library to find the chosen tricks, then presents the show that the patrons themselves have selected! The fact that patrons selected the magic to see greatly increases the attendance-just to see their very own unique magic show!  FREE magic tricks for all children! BE CREATIVE AT THE LIBRARY BY CREATING YOUR VERY OWN SHOW!

“Mont Magic’s Leapin’ Leprechauns! It’s St. Patrick’s Day!” Join Mont “Magic” Dutson for a magical journey to the Emerald Isle: Ireland. Do Leprechauns really have a pot o’ gold? Why are there no snakes in Ireland? Who is responsible? What special day is celebrated? Where do Leprechauns live? Pull on your derby hat and big buckle shoes for a merry magical visit to Ireland. FREE magic tricks for all children!

“MONT MAGIC’S BALLOON ANIMALS WORKSHOP”: Mont “Magic” Dutson presents a unique hands-on workshop teaching how to make balloon animals for children and adults. Open to 7 year-olds and up, limit 25  students per session. This was a BIG hit in Spring 2008. You will go home with 5 of your own hand-made balloon creations + FREE 8-page balloon animal instruction booklet for each student.

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STRESS MANAGEMENT WORKSHOP: Certified hypnotist Mont Dutson teaches the sources of stress, how to measure your own stress level, and several techniques you can use to manage stress. A stress reduction hypnosis session with the class is included. This is limited to 18 years old and above. (No young children allowed even with parents-After all, we are trying to relieve stress!!) Slightly higher price

“Magical History Tour” Mont “Magic” Dutson, the area’s expert family entertainer, helps us remember several important presidents in Feb. This magical presentation includes patriotic magic, information about past presidents, and other related subjects. Learn how Betsy Ross could have saved a lot of time making the 1st U.S. flag if she had known how to do magic! FREE magic tricks for all children!.

“MONT MAGIC’S MAGIC TEACH-IN WORKSHOP”: Mont “Magic” Dutson, the area’s expert family entertainer, presents a unique hands-on workshop teaching how to become a magician.   Open to 7 year-olds and up, limit 20 students per session. This was a BIG hit in the City libraries, now available at the Salt Lake County libraries. You will learn several magic effects, receive all the props in your own “Bag o’ Tricks" plus a FREE 13-page workbook with all the magic trick instructions!
Slightly higher price than
regular presentations

Lots of hands-on practice
for all the novice magicians!


  “Mont Magic Loves to Read”: Mont “Magic” Dutson presents the magic of reading using popular children’s books as the basis for the fun-filled magic effects. What happens when you give a cookie to a mouse? What is Eragon doing in a magic show? FREE magic tricks for all the children!

“Mont Magic Gets a Clue to Reading”: Another Mont “Magic” Dutson reading show using detective clues to solve a secret message. The library bookworm gets lost in the library and leaves clues to find him. FREE magic tricks for all the children!
-different show from the “I Love to Read” presentation.

“Mont Magic Catches the Reading Bug”: Mont “Magic” Dutson is at it again with some more different magical effects using bugs and learning about
bugs from books-Solve the clues in the magic show and “catch the Reading Bug”.
FREE magic tricks for all the children!

”The M.A.G.I.C. of Well Being by Mont Magic”- Just in time for the holiday eating blitz! The area’s expert family entertainer presents Mont Magic’s laugh-a-minute magic show reminding everyone of important ideas for healthy living. Free “Food Pyramid” coloring poster and magic tricks for all children!
Get fit with M.A.G.I.C.
M-Move around and exercise
A-Avoid junk food
G-Good food to eat
I-Increase water drinking
C-Cut out the soda pop
     Come to the library for the fun and magic, and leave with good ideas for living a healthy life!

  “MONT MAGIC’S 4TH OF JULY MAGIC SHOW!”: The magic of the 4th of July is full of fun and surprises as we learn a little about our Nation’s history and historical people and enjoy magic effects full of laughter and giggles. FREE magic tricks for all the children! 

  “Mont Magic and the Animals of the Desert”:  Mont “Magic” Dutson’s fun look at animals found in desert climates. The magical effects are fun and teach children about some of these wonderfully adaptive animals. FREE magic tricks for all the children!

  “Mont Magic’s School’s Out Magic Show!” Mont Magic Dutson presents a magic show for all ages looking forward to a summer full of fun and magical activities. Magic just for FUN! FREE magic tricks for all the children!

  “Mont Magic’s Magic of Autumn” A Mont “Magic” Dutson (the area’s expert family entertainer) fun-filled magic show involving many helpers from the audience, exploring the magic of the transition season of Autumn and the opportunities and knowledge that books on the subject can provide. What happens every autumn that saved “Thidwick the Big-Hearted Moose”? You’ll find out this and solve many more autumn mysteries in this presentation to show you how to enjoy the magic of Autumn. FREE magic tricks for all the children!  

   “Mont Magic’s Yes I Can!”: Mont “Magic” Dutson, the expert family entertainer teaches life-saving skills to youth in a fun magical presentation using magic to show how children can build self-esteem just in time for back to school. FREE magic tricks for all the children!   

  “Mont Magic’s Things That Go Magic in the Night!” This is a fun, not so scary Halloween magic show. Learn about Mont “Magic” Dutson’s (the area’s expert Family Entertainer) favorite monsters; can you pass the “Ghost” riddle?, How we got the Jack o’ Lantern, and maybe we will trick or treat money from your ears! FREE magic tricks for all the children!  

  “Mont Magic’s Have a Magic Thanksgiving!” This special Mont “Magic” Dutson, the expert family entertainer, presentation involves the magic of the events and celebrations of Thanksgiving. Can you find the Turkey (hint: it’s not the magician!) FREE magic tricks for all the children!  

“Mont Magic’s Magic of the Holiday Season” Another themed magic presentation from Mont “Magic” Dutson, the area’s expert family entertainer, geared around the magic and excitement of the Holiday season. One of the surprises is what happened to “The Grinch”-and, did you ever wonder what those reindeer games were that Rudolph wasn’t allowed to play? Find the answers in this amazing Holiday magic presentation. FREE magic tricks for all children!

Mont Magic’s Christmas Carols Conjuring Corner” Lots of fun magic from Mont Magic, the area’s expert family entertainer and “Favorite Family Entertainer 2011”-Utah Family Magazine, with a Christmas theme. In fact, each magical effect relates to a Christmas Carol and everyone sings a Christmas Carol with each magical effect. Magic, Christmas Sing-along and as always, FREE magic tricks for all children! $100

“Mont Magic’s Magic Resolutions 20XX” Start the New Year off with Mont “Magic” Dutson (the area’s expert family entertainer)! Resolve to have lots of fun and amazement at this fan-filled magic presentation themed to the new beginnings of a New Year! FREE magic tricks for all children!

“One World, Many Stories”
Magic Around the World! Mont Magic, a world traveler himself, having performed his magic across the USA and in Canada, France, Ireland, Singapore, and recently in Poland, has put together some magic from many countries for fun, laughter, and learning. Make the trip to your library to learn about the many stories around the world.  FREE magic tricks for the children!
    Mont Magic's "DREAM BIG--READ!" library magical presentation uses magical effects to stimulate the imagination of the library patrons, CHALLENGING them to READ and realize their dreams.Can the audience use their imagination to actually see Mont Magic's head GROW or SHRINK? This is just one of the amazing DREAM BIG  possibilities  when every one READS. FREE magic tricks for all children!

MONT MAGIC’s 2013 library presentation for “Dig Into Reading”!
Sharpen up your DIGGING tools and get ready for a magical adventure into all things “Dig-able”! You might dig up a Pharaoh’s Mummy…Or dig into gardens…Or discover archaeology..Moles…Bulldozers…tunnels…maybe even dig up the Mother of All Diamonds! You never know what fun and excitement lies buried behind the library doors of Mont Magic’s exciting, amazing and (dare we say it?) educational presentations.
Can you dig reading? Come to this library and find out.
FREE magic tricks for all children!